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Following Up with the Lost Boys

Lancaster: Peter Pach Kuol and Lost Boys
Peter Pach Kuol (with ball) and other "Lost Boys" of Sudan outside their co-sponsoring church in Lancaster, Pa. Photo: Jennifer Graber/CWS

On March 31, the CBS News show 60 Minutes focused an episode on the resettlement of the “Lost Boys of Sudan” to the U.S.  The boys, all survivors of the civil war in Sudan, literally walked for years to reach the safety of the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

Beginning in 2001, resettlement in the United States became an option for this group and CWS’ Immigration and Refugee Program office in Kenya interviewed each person to determine their family histories and to obtain other relevant information needed by the U.S. Government to determine the boys’ eligibility for admission to the U.S. as refugees.  

After arrival in the U.S., CWS and other resettlement agencies furnished initial housing, food, health services and links to employment.  Our member communions and their local congregations volunteered to provide the local community support that is crucial to successful resettlement.  All of this contributed to a most successful resettlement experience.

Watch the CBS feature online now at

Rev. Joseph Roberson, Associate to the Deputy for Operations, CWS

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Submitted by sala kitafu edesi on Jul 20, 12:09 PM CDT
I am in south africa refugee where I get temporary asylum.I lelf my country becuase my life his was not save in congo{ drc}wanted me to killed becuase I am a mlc supporter a political party in opposition.I am begging to eat and get there is threat of deportation and to be killed by secreet service of congo government in south africa though I am a dead already please help me and my family to be resettled in usa becuase I expect to find realy protection plz save me I want to give all my skills to u.s forever plz help us fast to get better email
Submitted by Samuel Mahaffy on Apr 18, 9:54 AM CDT
It is my honor to work with one of the 'lost boys' of Sudan, who is now active in a nonprofit in Seattle that supports families from East Africa. This young man has become an incredible gift to his new community. The blessing that CWS was to these young men has been magnified in their blessing others.
Submitted by mohamud on Apr 18, 2:43 AM CDT
i am somalian refugee in south africa we shocked 02/03/2013 4 week ago somalian refugee meamalodi gauteng south africa gourp of people attacked somalian refugee shop they took all stock and goodes in front of the police somalian refugee is frist people vicitmized by the crime in south afric like death robbinng looting eveday when i go police station no body respon my probliam i need peace country like USA I REQUSTING REFUGEE RESETTLMENT TO usa south africa voter is cames gunrobbry kill us everday

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