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Welcome to the CWS Blog

Rev. John L. McCullough  |  January 31, 2013

Blankets: John McCullough and Phyllis Dunlop

CWS President and CEO, the Rev. John L. McCullough and The Community Food Bank of New Jersey's Phyllis Dunlop move blankets at the Food Bank's Hillside, NJ warehouse. CWS has sent material aid to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and other groups helping Hurricane Sandy survivors in the aftermath of the Superstorm.

Photo: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo/CWS

Welcome to your blog. What joins us together is our relentlessness in the fight to end hunger and poverty. We are CWS and so are you!

This is a public marketplace for actively sharing ideas, best practices, and informing each other of key areas where our activism is needed. Every one of us cares about the world well beyond our neighborhoods; and every one of us has thoughts and perspectives worthy of consideration. This is a global space where we can connect ideas from Indonesia to Bolivia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Uganda, the United States, Serbia, Lebanon, and more. Here, we have the opportunity to not only to share ideas, but improve them, and celebrate impact.

CWS is an expert and leader in hunger and nutrition.

Ending hunger and poverty is our mission, and making sure it is done the right way is our passion. CWS is about people determined to make a real difference in their world.  From 1946 to the present, CWS organizes people at the community level to assist those most vulnerable to hunger and poverty to get a hand up instead of just a hand out.  Without regard to creed, race, gender or nationality, it is this spirit that stimulates our imagination, propels us forward, and transforms hopelessness into hopefulness. When children lose their parents to a pandemic, or a family flees because of encroaching violence; when natural storms splinter homes, or a community feels disrespected or disregarded; when women are denied access to a better future for themselves, and when people are out of work but not out of dreams, CWS is here to help.

CWS began in 1946 because people recognized the face of need following World War II and responded.  They did not wait for government action, but organized themselves on a community level to feed hungry people, clothe those who had lost everything, and to provide a new place to call home for those who had no place to go.  Today we recognize the continuing prevalence of hunger in our world, and the emerging challenge and crisis of poor nutrition. Even the most advanced societies remain susceptible to these realities.  Today we are aware of climate circumstances that overwhelm communities and nations. No government or organization can meet the needs alone. Today we make the distinction between those who travel for survival from those who do so for convenience. People hunger for peace and justice and the chance to live normal and fulfilling lives.

We are the CROP Hunger Walk people who raise money to eradicate local and global hunger. We are the Blankets+ people who comfort the sojourner. We are the Resettlement people who help those seeking refuge to find a place of rest. We are the Preparedness people who help people to know what to do when disaster strikes. We are the Community whose faith and values are motivation for being accountable for the well-being of each other.  We are the Advocates who call for responsible public policy.

So, whether the plight is one of economic or political refugee, devastating natural or human-made disaster, or the gross violation of human rights, we believe in empowering communities to take action and achieve long term sustainable results. CWS is about making a difference.

We are glad you are here.  We look forward to Celebrating, Welcoming, and Supporting your participation!

Rev. John L. McCullough is President and CEO of CWS.

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