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Who's Tired? Raise Your Hand...

Krista Connelly  |  February 6, 2014

Two boys make an impact in the fight against hunger by participating in their CROP Hunger Walk.

Photo: Mary Catherine Hinds/CWS

::Raises Hand::

As I’m drinking a very large cup of coffee and typing this blog entry I’m wondering how many times a day I mention how tired I am. To anyone who knows me, I LOVE sleeping. It may be the best gift in the world. I would rather sleep than shower. Sleep than eat. If I have to wake up before 10am I am not a happy CWS Assistant Field Director. Ring any bells for anyone?

So who’s tired?

Yesterday was one of those days where I drank several cups of coffee in between several phone calls and CROP Hunger Walk meetings. Needless to say I wanted a nap. So when 6:30pm approached and I was standing in a room full of 30 hunger fighters for a local CROP Hunger Walk team leader meeting I searched deep down for that last bit of energy I saved up.

I was feeling a bit run down and in need of a hunger fighting break. We all feel that way sometimes. Especially CWS volunteers who spend night and day organizing CROP Hunger Walks around the country. It’s hard work and requires more dedication than you may think. CWS volunteers are rock stars.

At the end of the meeting, two children were asked to give the “pep talk.” Their main goal: to inspire. Articulate and passionate about fighting hunger, the brother and sister pair explained why they fight hunger and why it is so important to them.

Then something happened that brought me to tears. Something I needed to hear. The little girl said, “When you are feeling tired of fundraising for hunger think about the little boys and girls who are tired because they are hungry.”

Wow. Simply stated. Powerful words.

I left the meeting inspired, rejuvenated and ready to fight hunger.

It wasn’t a nap that did this. It wasn’t a little relaxation on the beach (which sounds lovely by the way). It was a simple sentence from the mouth of a six year old that woke me up!

Granted life is exhausting and we all need some rest and relaxation. We all deserve it. But sometimes all we need is a little “pep talk.”

Now – who’s tired? Raise your hand…

Didn’t think so…

Krista Connelly, Southeast Assistant Field Director

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Submitted by pastor B ahandagana on Feb 22, 8:38 AM CST
A s J esus said that let children come to to me we should not ge tired of helping children. children are vulnerable, helpless and ever waiting for some body to take care of them.H ence never get tired to help children.
Submitted by Cindy on Feb 21, 11:51 PM CST
Amen! "I will walk and not be weary..."
Submitted by Kae on Feb 10, 8:16 AM CST
Thanks Krista for sharing your story ! Stories such as this one keep our hearts glad !
Submitted by joe on Feb 07, 3:32 PM CST
Great story, Krista! Thanks for sharing. Echoing for me are the words of Paul of Tarsus: "Let us not tire of doing well." :-)

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