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CROP Hunger Walk Videos

How to Walk Online

In this introductory video, we walk you through the basics of signing up to participate in a CROP Hunger Walk. (3:44) »

How to Promote Your Walk Online

This introductory video covers the basic ways you can spread the news you're participating in a CROP Hunger Walk. (2:06) »

Our First Time Walking Online

These are actual CROP Hunger Walkers who Walked online for the first time last year. Give it a try! (1:52) »

Another 100 Miles Completed

In April 2013, CWS's Maurice Bloem finished his second 100 miles to fight hunger, which he dedicated to his mother. (5:23) »

Inside the Marin CROP Hunger Walk

On day 3 of his 100-mile journey, CWS's Maurice Bloem spent time with supporters in San Rafael, Calif. (2:22) »

The First 100 Miles

CWS's Maurice Bloem made first 100-mile CROP Hunger Walk in March 2012. His 7-minute film shows what he learned. (6:57) »

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