Call-in for U.S. Foreign Assistance Programs

U.S. Capitol Building
Photo: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo/CWS

Call 1-800-826-3688 today and make your voice heard!

U.S. relief and development aid is saving lives, while creating a more stable world for everyone. And, contrary to what many people think, we spend less than 1 percent of the entire federal budget.

By the end of this month, Members of Congress have to agree on a spending bill, which will include funding for aid programs. The Senate has proposed keeping the funding near existing levels, while the House would make significant cuts.

Calling your Members of Congress

Calling your Congressional office is generally simpler and more rewarding than many people think. On many issues, a few calls from constituents can swing the balance. For international relief and development assistance, elected officials often say they need “cover” to avoid criticism for doing what they actually think is best.

Your quick, straightforward call might make a big difference for our vulnerable neighbors around the world. Use our sample script and call now!

Sample call–in script

  • I am a constituent of [Congressman Smith or Senator Jones] from [city, state]. I am calling to urge full funding for international poverty focused development and humanitarian assistance. I ask that [Congressman Smith/Senator Jones] support the higher Senate numbers for this aid.
  • Foreign assistance saves millions of lives, enables people to become self-sufficient and benefits the U.S. by preventing future conflicts and creating a more secure world for everyone.
  • “Do you know [Congressman Smith’s/Senator Jones’s] position on funding international poverty-reduction aid?”
  • [If receptionist is unfamiliar with issue] “May I please speak with the person who handles this for your office?” Restate your view with the appropriate aide if possible. If you’re connected to the aide’s voice mail, leave a succinct message as above. If the receptionist doesn’t connect you, ask him or her to record your view and relay it to the Member of Congress.

Call 1-800-826-3688 today and make your voice heard!

Calling as part of a national effort is a very effective way to make your voice heard. But if you are unable to call, please send your elected officials a message through our online system.