Amity Teachers Program: Apply


  • Chinese language NOT REQUIRED.
  • Bachelor's degree in any subject and interest in teaching.
  • Two (2) years teaching experience or ESL Diploma/Degree
  • Christian faith and commitment.
  • Native English speaker and language proficiency.
  • Sensitivity to changing social and political developments in China.
  • Willingness to embrace a simple lifestyle.
  • Flexibility, tolerance, patience and the ability to get along with others.
  • Interest in sharing with students and colleagues in a country of a different culture, history and ideology.
  • Eagerness to build friendships and mutual understanding.
  • Ability to learn from others, as well as to teach.

How to apply

The Amity Foundation and its partners recruiting in the U.S. are committed to a multicultural, inclusive teachers program and encourage applications from as diverse a body of candidates as possible. In the United States and Canada recruitment is handled by various denominations related to Church World Service. These churches work together through CWS to send teachers to China for the Amity program.

To apply, first look through our list of participating denominations. If you are a member of any one of the denominations listed, please apply through your denomination. Others may apply through Church World Service.

Amity Teacher's Application (Microsoft Word document)