June 4, 2014

Urgent Appeal for More CWS School Kits

Children in Syria receive school and hygiene kits. Photo: IOCC/GOPA

With the latest shipment of CWS School Kits to our partner IOCC in response to the Syrian refugee crisis, CWS is now down to about 60 cartons of School Kits at the New Windsor Warehouse and 120 cartons at the warehouse in Ferncliff.

We need to replenish these supplies immediately.

CWS School Kits give children in impoverished schools, refugee camps, or other difficult settings some of the basic tools for learning, so it is vitally important that we replenish our supplies as quickly as possible.

  • In the case of Syria, IOCC supports one of the largest established networks to deliver life-saving humanitarian aid inside Syria, where more than 9.3 million people are currently in need of assistance.
  • In November 2013, some 3,000 CWS School Kits were shipped for distribution in Syria.
  • CWS School Kits include some of the basic necessities for learning, including notebooks, pencils and crayons.
  • These kits help children return to normalcy faster, helping them avoid the long-term effects of trauma.

Get more information on assembling CWS School Kits here.