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Caption: Maurice Bloem, Executive Vice-President

Credit: CWS

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Immigration Reform: Rev. Noel Andersen

Caption: Rev. Noel Andersen of Church World Service speaking at a prayer service for immigration reform.

Credit: Jim Coates

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New Jersey: Ironbound District, Esther Street

Caption: In Superstorm Sandy, "The Island" neighborhood of Newark, N.J.'s Ironbound District suffered a tidal surge from the Passaic River that terrified residents described as a tsunami. Pictured: Esther Street.

Credit: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo/CWS

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New Jersey: Mayra Ramirez and Joann Hale

Caption: CWS Emergency Response Specialist Joann Hale talks with Ironbound Community Corporation Director of Administration Mayra Ramirez outside the corporation's offices, in the Ironbound District of Newark, N.J.

Credit: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo/CWS

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New Jersey: Ironbound Community Corporation, Mayra Ramirez

Caption: Mayra Ramirez, Director of Administration for the Ironbound Community Corporation, points out "The Island" neighborhood of Newark's Ironbound District, which suffered a tidal surge from both the Passaic River to the north and Newark Bay to the east when Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey last October.

Credit: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo/CWS

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Rev. John McCullough - Bread for the World Speech 130610

Caption: We need people like YOU in the pews, in the community organizations, working for change. Don't lose heart. - Rev McCullough

Credit: Robin Stephenson/Bread for the World

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Woman and son

Caption: The owner & son of The Albert - Tia Landau & Albert (whom the restaurant is named after. In December 2012 the restaurant and Inman Park UMC collaborated to collect household items and raise funds for refugee resettlement.

Credit: courtesy Inman Park UMC.

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Giving Tree

Caption: Inman Park UMC's "Giving Tree" at The Albert restaurant. The church and restaurant collaborated in December 2012 to collect household goods and raise money for refugees.

Credit: courtesy Inman Park UMC

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Buckets: Loading for Peoria

Caption: At CWS's New Windsor, Md., warehouse May 6, the driver closes up his truck loaded with 1,008 CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets in preparation for the overnight trip to flood-ravaged Peoria, Ill. More buckets are needed urgently to replenish supplies.

Credit: Terry Goodger

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Pam Suddaby and refugees

Caption: On a home visit, Pam Suddaby coaches Karen refugees Aye May and sons in English.

Credit: Aye Mays husband/the childrens father Ma Thew

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