September 4, 2013

Bucket Brigade

Displayed Clean-up Buckets
Phil Forbes, project coordinator, left; CWS Field Director Julie Brumana and Outreach Ministry Chair Ed Linberg, right; proudly display the 37 CWS Emergency Clean-up Buckets assembled by parishioners at First Christian Church, Fullerton, Calif. Photo: Terry Knott, First Christian Church, Fullerton, Calif

With a goal of creating 15 to 20 CWS Emergency Clean-up Buckets, First Christian Church, Fullerton, Calif., assembled double the amount this summer.  Parishioners donated the full cost of a bucket, gave donations toward a bucket or brought supplies to fill buckets and created 37 buckets for emergency response within the US.

“We started the project just before the devastating storms of late May, early June.  They helped us to motivate people to participate well beyond what we had hoped for at the beginning,” said Ed Linberg, Outreach Ministry chair.

Thanks to strong promotion within the congregation and the support of the local ACE Hardware store manager who donated the buckets and offered all the kit items at a discounted rate, First Christian surpassed their goal and covered shipping costs.

The congregation is also deeply committed to the CWS Blankets+ program. Their August blanket month project yielded a donation of more than $750!