March 13, 2013

Building on a legacy of leadership

Staff:  Joe Moran
Joe Moran, retiring Southeast regional director. Photo: CWS

After 30 years of much-appreciated service with CWS, Joe Moran is retiring as managing regional director for the Southeast area.

During his tenure with CWS, Joe received numerous awards, including the CWS Distinguished Service Award.

“Joe’s legacy is one of significant impact. And, despite his protests otherwise, we can all share examples of how his leadership was the catalyst for our successful fundraising and awareness-building in this part of the world,” says Mary Catherine Hinds, who follows Joe as the new managing regional director. “I have worked closely with Joe for more than nine years, and one thing I have learned from him is that you must keep moving forward.”

Prior to coming to CWS, Joe worked in Latin America for 10 years – first as a missionary and then as a U.S. government development consultant. He was the representative to Venezuela and Bolivia for the Inter-American Foundation established by Congress. Later, with the Washington, D.C.-based Academy for Educational Development, he worked for four years as an advisor/trainer for a joint USAID-United Nations project in the Indian highlands of Guatemala.
Joe has also served on the founding advisory board of Exploris: The Children’s Museum About the World, in Raleigh, N.C., and was co-founder and co-director of the Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America.
His retirement plans include gardening, traveling and spending time with his wife, Betsy, and their children and grandchildren.

On building upon Joe’s strong foundation, Mary Catherine says, “I am confident and excited about our future and the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. While we have accomplished so much already, there is always more to do. I envision all CWS partners in the Southeast (colleagues, volunteers, donors and all who seek justice) exploring creative ways to collaborate and engage in our life-giving mission to end hunger and to build a world with enough for all.”