May 16, 2013

CWS Kit Challenge

Children at Deer Isle Sunset UCC
Children at Deer Isle Sunset UCC make health and school kits for CWS. Photo: Heather Dunham

by Heather Dunham

A few years ago a small group of  young children in a very small community decided to do something “big”.  What happened was amazing; these small children gathered a community together, got busy, and presented Rev. Bert Marshall with 52 health and school kits to be sent to children to parts of the world they could hardly imagine existed. 

This year, those children are a few years older, some of their siblings are now old enough to attend Sunday School, and we are blessed to have some new faces in our congregation as well.  Once again the kids decided to put their energies into creating  kits and during Bert Marshall’s fall visit they decided to make it even more fun by challenging the congregation here at the Deer Isle Sunset UCC to try to match their efforts or, if the congregation thinks it can, best the determined members of our little Sunday School. 

I am happy to report that the members of various groups within the congregation have risen to the challenge and a friendly competition has begun.   When spring arrives and Bert returns for another visit to our little island community to collect the fruits of our collective labor we will see who “wins” but we, as a congregation, already know that we have all won simply by being inspired to action by the small but determined voices of the children.