November 1, 2012

Emergency Clean-up Buckets for Sandy

by Matthew Stevens, Ohio Regional Director

For the past several years, Pat Via of Eaton Church of the Brethren has led her Sunday School class to organize a Southern Ohio Church of the Brethren District-wide collections of CWS Kits.  In the fall of 2011, they provided 200 Emergency Clean-up Buckets for the Festival of Sharing in Ohio, an ecumenical yearly effort to collect CWS Kits.  In the spring of 2012, the same Sunday School class collected 400 Buckets and shipped them to New Windsor.
I called Pat on Tuesday to see if her Sunday School class would be willing to do flood buckets again in the aftermath of Sandy.  She told me that on Monday, October 29 they received a donation of 75 pickle buckets.  She was going to "get to work" on that project that day.  When I followed up with her on Wednesday, she said that it looked like they were going to be shipping at least 200 buckets on Friday, November 9 and she anticipated that more buckets would be collected when the completed collecting donations.
Pat is a Saint!