March 21, 2013

Heartfelt Help


Often, the first thing CWS provides in an emergency is a blanket for warmth, comfort, and sometimes, even shelter. But as needs change, other things are required – tents, food, water, and the tools and materials to rebuild. That’s why it’s called Blankets+, and it’s a great way for our congregation to provide essential aid to victims of disasters, seeds and tools to struggling farmers, and water and health to impoverished communities.

This year with every $5 dollar gift, we attached a heart shape to a CWS Blanket displayed in our sanctuary. The Blankets+ offering was taken on February 17 but the blanket remained in the sanctuary through February, as more hearts were added to it. We covered this CWS Blanket with hearts expressing our “heartfelt” concern for those in need.   

Diane Campbell, Mission Chair
Union Presbyterian Church, Owego, NY