August 8, 2013

Our Haiti Earthquake Response Report

In the 3 ½ years since the devastating January 2010 Haiti earthquake, CWS pushed ahead with programs, projects and initiatives.  More than $2 million in material aid was delivered to Haiti.  It’s impossible to count the number of lives touched in some small way by our programs and aid, but it is probably well over 500,000.

This report summarizes what CWS did through June 30 of this year in Haiti. It is a "snap-shot" – noting highlights and bright spots in more than three years of work.

So much of the best work being done in Haiti is by Haitians in Haiti, who are working every day to support each other and rebuild their country. We’re proud to work with so many amazing Haitian organizations, which have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to get the job done while strengthening Haitian society now and in the future.

We recognize that rebuilding Haiti was never going to be easy. Haiti is still struggling with chronic issues that were present before the earthquake. Which is why we are still working in long-term development, as CWS has done in Haiti since the 1950s.

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