Gifts of Stock

Church World Service welcomes the gift of stock and other securities. But before you decide to use securities to make a gift, please consider the following information:

If your security has increased in value, you normally DO NOT want to sell your security, but instead transfer the shares "in kind" to CWS. This may enable you to avoid paying income tax on the growth (capital gain). As a result, you will be making a larger gift and receiving a larger tax deduction. (Please consult your tax or financial advisor.)

If your investment has decreased in value, then it is usually better for you to sell your investment first, realize the loss, and use the cash from the sale of the securities to make your gift to CWS. This may offer you an opportunity to deduct the loss in value of your investment on your tax return. You will still receive a tax deduction equal to the size of your gift, but the loss in value of the investment can also be used (with limitations) to offset other investment gains or income when you complete your income tax return. (Please consult your tax or financial advisor.)

To arrange for the transfer of stock to CWS, please send an email to Connie Anderson or call 800-297-1516.