Brazil: Camille
Three-year old Camille finds safety in a CWS-supported community center in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, while her mother is at work. Photo: Annie Griffiths for CWS

We have a mandate to stand with – and for – the world’s most vulnerable people. Too often, they are children and their mothers.

No matter the context, our goal is empowerment. The women we meet are determined to rise above their circumstances. But they need our help to reach security, self-sufficiency and safety, especially given the risks of vulnerability faced by women.

Children remain resilient in the face of incredible odds. The best estimates indicate half of the world’s children – more than 500 million – live in poverty. Even in the direst of circumstances, children display gifts that can carry them beyond the steepest challenges.

We help displaced and orphaned children reach literacy and realize their dreams. In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 17 million children have been orphaned by HIV and AIDS. There, we bring children together so they can face challenges of daily life collectively. They have shown us the power of working together to achieve dreams.

The children and mothers we serve want better lives and see opportunity, even following disasters. We offer women and children special care when disaster strikes to keep them safe and prevent long-term trauma.

We believe mothers and children are innately strong and resilient. And they should be able to use those qualities to thrive – not just to survive.

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