Haiti: Unloading truck
In Port-au-Prince, emergency response workers unload tons of relief material brought into earthquake-ravaged Haiti from the Dominican Republic on January 25, 2010. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

CWS began in response to an emergency.  We came together in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II, and provided more than 11 million pounds of food, clothing and medical supplies to war-torn Europe and Asia.

More than 66 years later, emergency response continues to be a priority.

As a founding member of the ACT Alliance, we work with partners around the world to empower local communities, helping them recover from disaster.  In many cases our global offices are able to conduct immediate assessments and quickly provide material assistance.  Yet even after the cameras and other organizations have left, we remain committed to assisting with the long-term recovery process.

Our U.S. emergency response program focuses on serving vulnerable individuals and families in disaster-affected communities.  Immediately after disaster strikes, we offer CWS Kits, Cleanup Buckets and Blankets.  Then CWS supports communities’ long-term recovery through a multi-faceted training and mentoring program, including on-site and webinar-based instruction and start-up grants to local long-term recovery groups.  We coordinate directly with federal, state and local agencies, bringing together community and government resources to help ensure that everyone has a chance to recover.

Superstorm Sandy

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Haiti Earthquake

CWS responding after the January 2010 disaster, and continues with several rebuilding projects today. >>