U.S. Emergency Response

Storm-damaged house in Granbury, Texas
Destruction from a May 2013 tornado in Granbury, Texas. Photo: Don Tatlock

Immediately after disaster strikes, CWS offers CWS Hygiene Kits, School Kits, Baby Care Kits and Emergency Cleanup Buckets assembled by U.S. churches and community groups. We also offer CWS Blankets.

It's clear that those with the fewest means have the hardest time recovering following a disaster.  As U.S. communities move toward recovery, CWS focuses on these vulnerable individuals and families through a multi-faceted training and education program in disaster ministry and support for the long-term recovery process.

  • Free webinars are offered nearly every month.  Then many are archived on this website. 
  • Community Arise is a cooperative disaster ministry developed by CWS and constituent denominations to aid in disaster response.
  • CWS Emergency Response Specialists deploy to provide workshops and one-on-one consultation in best practices for long-term recovery groups and can often secure grants to support the work.
  • The CWS U.S. Emergency Response Manual, Community Arise curriculum, National VOAD’s disaster recovery manual and other publications help recovery organizations respond to needs in disaster-affected communities.
  • Partner websites connect you to even more resources for your disaster ministry.

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