U.S. Emergency Response Specialists

Contact the Emergency Response Specialist for your region:

Joann Hale
Cell phone: 917-705-3038
E-mail: jhale@cwsglobal.org

Susanne Gilmore
Cell phone: 785-477-7823
E-mail: sgilmore@cwsglobal.org
Sandra Kennedy-Owes
Phone: 251-725-4262
E-mail: skowes@cwsglobal.org

Other Contacts:

Donna Derr, Development and Humanitarian Assistance Director
Phone:   202.481.6937
Fax: 202.546.6232
E-mail: dderr@cwsglobal.org

Barry Shade, Associate Director for Domestic Emergency Response
Phone:  361.389.0402
E-mail: bshade@cwsglobal.org

Digna Bautista, Logistics Specialist
Phone:  212.870.2066
Fax: 212.870.3220
E-mail: dbautista@cwsglobal.org

Carol Fouke-Mpoyo, Communications Specialist
CWS U.S. Emergency Response Program
Phone:  212.870.2728
Fax: 212.870.3220
E-mail: cfmpoyo@cwsglobal.org