Hunger and Malnutrition

Indonesia: Fighting hunger and malnutrition
CWS helps mothers and children with therapeutic feeding. Photo: Indonesia, Mike Bloem/ACT Alliance

Our roots are in feeding the hungry. Our future is in ensuring sustainable access to proper, nutritious food.

Malnutrition leads to nearly half of all childhood deaths before age 5. During a child’s first 1,000 days, proper nutrition is vital. Without it, the risk is high for life-long health issues like blindness, developmental disabilities and organ shutdown.

So, what’s the answer? A community garden? Training on feeding infants healthy food?  The truth is, no single effort will eradicate hunger. In some areas, we use agricultural solutions to help families grow healthier food. Yet in reality most of the world’s poor buy their food, which prompts us to look deeper at the root causes of hunger. Sometimes a clean water source will help. Other times discrimination blocks access to employment, meaning a small business grant or loan in the short term can help a whole family eat for years.

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