Hunger and Malnutrition: Latest News

How a Micro-Loan is Changing Christopher’s Life

July 21, 2014 — Christopher used to look for work cultivating land for other people. Now he uses his land to produce food and funds for his own family. »

Finding Hope in the Current Immigration Debate

July 16, 2014 — Activists of faith in Portland, Ore., are making a positive difference, with an impact that can be felt nationally. »

Simple Steps to Good Nutrition in Vietnam

July 8, 2014 — In the Vietnam community of Muong Te, parents of kindergarten students have started along the path to improved nutrition. »

In Northeastern Uganda, “the Diversity of the Team” is Making a Difference

July 8, 2014 — There is much work to do in Karamoja, Uganda, and that work will take time and it won’t be easy. But it can be done. »

Holistic View of Malnutrition Solutions Looks Beyond 2015

July 2, 2014 — A multi-sectorial approach will ensure we are considering the health and welfare of mothers and developing children from all angles. »

The Zero Hunger Challenge: Why it Works and a Call to Action

June 24, 2014 — We are winning the fight against hunger and poverty. The Zero Hunger Challenge attests to that progress and growth and calls for action. »
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