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Advocacy: 2005 rally in Washington, D.C.
Several hundred Christian activists gathered on the west side of the U. S. Capitol to declare their intention that the budget should reflect spiritual values, but especially those relating to poverty and social discrimination. Photo: Rick Reinhard/Impact Digitals

Church World Service is deeply committed to immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other forcibly displaced persons. Through both direct service and advocacy, we stand with immigrants and refugees, together building stronger, more welcoming communities.

Our advocacy is driven by our experience on the ground. We work in solidarity with impacted communities and in partnership with other faith-based and secular partners. Our policy positions are formed by the expertise, insight and concerns of our international and domestic programs.

CWS advocates with the U.S. Congress and Executive Branch for policies to reunite separated families, help displaced persons abroad, resettle and integrate refugees, and ensure that the rights of immigrants are respected.  Concurrently, we work with our local offices, affiliates and partners to build grassroots movements in support of the rights of immigrants and refugees on local, state and national levels.

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CWS Washington, D.C., office
110 Maryland Avenue, NE, Suite 404
Washington, DC 20002

Jen Smyers, Associate Director, Immigration and Refugee Policy
jsmyers@churchworldservice.org / 202.481.6935

Jason Knapp, International Refugee Protection Issues
jknapp@churchworldservice.org / 202.481.6938

Immigrants' Rights

CWS believes the U.S. needs an immigration system that keeps families together, protects the rights of all workers, and allows aspiring Americans to earn their legal status. >>

State Immigration Bills

Throughout the country, many faith leaders and CWS offices and affiliates are working to advance immigrant and refugee rights at local, state and national levels. >>

Refugee Policy Reform

CWS works to identify and encourage thoughtful improvements to the refugee program, which saves lives and offers hope to some of the most vulnerable. >>

Toolkits and Resources

Multimedia resources, including issues-focused and faith-based resources, for advocates for the rights of refugees and immigrants. >>

CWS is an equal opportunity employer / program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.