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First Refugee Arrival in Jersey City

April 17, 2015 — Refugee resettlement to me means giving back to those that have had so much taken from them. »

Syria: Responding to an Unprecedented Crisis

March 23, 2015 — This month marks the 4th anniversary of the devastating war in Syria with little hope of it ending anytime soon. »

5 Must Know Facts on the Texas Court Ruling on Immigration

February 18, 2015 — A Texas judge has issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the implementation of President Obama’s immigration action. »

On the Border - from Fear to Hope

February 3, 2015 — Over 500 people are estimated to die along the U.S.-Mexico border every year as they flee from poverty and extreme violence. »

CWS Statement: Amendments to Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Bill

February 2, 2015 — Humanitarian organization Church World Service (CWS) strongly opposes upcoming legislation that is harmful to immigrant communities. »
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