Omaha: World Refugee Day celebrants
Participants in a World Refugee Day celebration in Omaha, Neb. Photo: CWS

World Refugee Day, June 20
Every year on June 20 the world honors the courage, resilience and strength of refugees. On the anniversary of the United Nations-designated World Refugee Day, thousands of organizations in hundreds of countries come together to focus global attention not only on the plight of refugees and the causes of their exile, but also on their determination and will to survive and on the contributions they make to their host communities.  Download our bulletin insert.

Refugee Sunday
Organize a worship service to not only pray for forcibly displaced people across the globe but to celebrate the refugees who come to our country to rebuild their lives. 

Thanksgiving Event
Organize your community to welcome newcomers to our country and community.  Plan a community dinner for the refugee families in your midst.  Include them in the many things we give thanks for—their friendship, their children, the gifts and talents they bring to our communities and our lives. 

Holiday Event
There are many ways to include refugees in holiday celebrations while remaining culturally sensitive and respectful.  Organize a gift drive in your school, office or congregation for refugee children, invite refugees from your community to a meal or holiday celebration, help culturally orient a refugee to what different holidays mean in the U.S.!

Back to School
Assemble Back-to-School Backpack for refugee children.  Backpacks could include: a notebook, pad of paper, three-ringed binder, pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, white-out or glue, a pair of children’s scissors, one large eraser, construction paper OR ruled notebook paper, box of crayons OR highlighters.  Throw a lunch, dinner or party to distribute backpacks to children and families.

Cultural Awareness Event
Join with members of refugee communities to introduce their culture and values with their new community.  Host a dinner, potluck, holiday or festival from the refugee’s cultural background or a fair celebrating cultural diversity or backgrounds.  Help educate and create more welcoming communities here at home.

Contact your local refugee resettlement office, write irp@churchworldservice.org or call CWS at 212-870-3300 to get involved.

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