Lancaster: College students and first grade refugees
Franklin & Marshall College freshmen and refugee first graders, resettled by CWS to Lancaster, Pa. The freshmen worked with the children last summer on a variety of activities, including soccer-based English, a yoga workshop and a trip to That Bounce Place. Photo: Eric Forberger

Make a WORLD of difference in the lives of new Americans.  Students play an integral role in the refugee resettlement process. CWS strives to make our relationship with those who give their time a rewarding one.  We hope the students who serve with us gain as much from the experience of welcoming refugees as do our clients and staff members.


Start building your resume for the future!  Gain real experience in social work, communications, community organizing, volunteer management and immigration law. 

Service Learning …

Contact your teachers and professors to explore how your volunteer hours working with refugees can translate into credits.  Service learning with refugees can apply to such various departments as: Social Work, Intercultural Studies, Pre-law and Law, Psychology, Theology, Political Science, International Relations, Communications, Graphic Design, English as a Second Language (ESL).

Organize your friends, classmates, social and service organizations …

… and engage in one of the many activities listed here

Contact your local CWS refugee resettlement office or call CWS at 212-870-3300 to discuss ways you can get involved on your campus.

CWS is an equal opportunity employer / program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.