CWS Greensboro

Nepali Bhutanese family
His wife and daughter alongside, a Nepali Bhutanese refugee client of CWS's Greensboro, N.C., office proudly shows his first U.S. paycheck. Photo: CWS Greensboro

Following in a more than 30-year tradition of hospitality in North Carolina’s Triad, CWS established its Greensboro resettlement office in early 2009, partnering with the local community to provide comprehensive resettlement services to newly arrived refugees through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

With more than 150 individual volunteers, faith community partners, and donors supporting our work each year, CWS is proud to be able to offer the support and services that refugees need to succeed in their new lives and meet their goals for self-sufficiency in the United States.

Though its Refugee Resettlement Program, CWS Greensboro provides comprehensive case management and employment services aimed at empowering newly arrived refugees to build a foundation for long-term self-sufficiency and success in the U.S.  Services for refugees include basic needs support, case management, cultural orientation, health access assistance and intensive job preparation and placement services.

CWS Greensboro is also proud to serve the community at large providing citizenship education, immigration legal services and community education and engagement opportunities throughout the year.

The CWS Greensboro office is one of more than 35 CWS resettlement offices and affiliates across the U.S.  CWS is one of nine national agencies that resettles refugee to the U.S. in a public/private partnership with the U.S. government.  Since 1946, CWS has helped more than 500,000 refugees and 300,000 Cuban and Haitian entrants begin new lives in the U.S. 

CWS, a global humanitarian agency working to eradicate hunger and poverty, also supports sustainable grassroots development, helps communities respond to disasters, and promotes public policies that contribute to building a world where there is enough for all.

Contact CWS Greensboro:

CWS Greensboro
Sarah Ivory, Director
620 S. Elm Street, Suite 315
Greensboro, NC 27406-1317
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