U.S. Programs

Citizenship education classes, CWS Greensboro, N.C.
Refugee and immigrant graduates of a U.S. citizenship preparation course sponsored by CWS Greensboro, N.C. Photo: CWS Greensboro

Since 1946, CWS has helped more than 800,000 refugees and entrants begin new lives in the United States, and continues to resettle about 8,000 more refugees and Cuban and Haitian entrants each year.

CWS, participating denominations and communions and their congregations, and CWS local offices and affiliates in 21 states work together to meet the needs of refugees upon their arrival to the United States, assisting them as they strive to attain self-sufficiency. A growing number of local offices and affiliates provide immigration legal services along with refugee resettlement services.

Refugee Resettlement

The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program is a public-private partnership that ensures that refugees are properly received in the U.S. >>

Cuban Haitian Entrant Program

Since 1960, CWS has helped meet the needs of Cubans and Haitians who have come to the United States in a series of large migrations. >>


CWS touches the lives of immigrants through direct service and work for public policies that recognize the value of immigrants to our nations and communities. >>

Legal Services

A growing number of CWS offices and affiliates provide immigration legal services, assisting immigrants and refugees to apply for a broad range of immigration benefits. >>

Religious Services

Through the Religious Services Program, CWS provides culturally and religiously pluralistic spiritual care to detainees in three government-administered immigration detention centers. >>

CWS is an equal opportunity employer / program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.