Asia/Pacific: School children, Myanmar.
After Cyclone Nargis, CWS provided emergency assistance, including food distribution and school building. Today, CWS continues its work in Myanmar, helping prepare local people for future disasters. Photo: CWS

CWS is one of the oldest and largest ecumenical organizations in the Asia/Pacific region. Dedicated to providing humanitarian and development assistance to the world’s most disadvantaged, we have close to 1,000 team members in the region and strong partnerships spanning decades.

CWS provides support to some of the most vulnerable communities, both in emergency situations and for longer-term development, to enhance their ability to safeguard themselves from a range of threats and help them prepare for future challenges, whether natural disasters or man-made.

Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, CWS works with local partners to provide shelter, food and water, and other emergency relief items. >>


CWS works to build the capacity of the communities we assist and strives to involve local people each step of the way. >>

Snakebites: A Forgotten Disease

Snakebites are a common threat in Southeast Asia, with more than 100,000 envenoming per year. CWS is looking for new methods of prevention to save lives. »

Learn more about our programs in the Asia/Pacific region on our microsite. >>