Serbia: Five year-old Rada Stankovic
Five year-old Rada Stankovic stands beside her family's home in an illegal Roma settlement in Belgrade, Serbia. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

CWS finds its roots in helping post-World War II Europe recover. In 1946, the initial focus was the provision of millions of pounds of food, clothing and medical supplies.  More than 66 years later, the specific places and ways in which we work have changed.  Yet the primary mission of feeding the hungry and helping the vulnerable remains the same.

Food Security

CWS Europe addresses the immediate and underlying causes of hunger, providing food aid while also improving food systems. >>

Emergency Response

CWS works to ensure that vulnerable persons and communities achieve long-term recovery in the aftermath of a disaster. >>

Children and Youth

One of CWS Europe's main priorities is our work with at-risk children and youth – in urban and rural areas. >>