Latin America and Caribbean

Chaco: Farming techniques in new areas
The CWS Gran Chaco program helps indigenous people who have been marginalized and forced from their land to learn farming techniques in new areas. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

CWS provides support to some of the vulnerable communities in the Latin America and Caribbean region, partnering with local organizations to protect vulnerable children, support farmers and food insecure communities and strengthen the capacity of indigenous groups to preserve their land rights.

Food Security

CWS supports farmers and indigenous communities in areas of rural Latin America and the Caribbean that are among the most food insecure and most vulnerable to natural disasters. >>

Protecting Children

CWS works to protect vulnerable children from all forms of violence and expand opportunities to at-risk youth in some of the poorest and most violent communities of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil and Uruguay. >>

Indigenous Rights

The CWS Chaco program assists groups of indigenous men and women to secure legal title to their ancestral territory and use the land in ways that are economically, socially and culturally sustainable. >>

Learn more about our programs in the Latin America & Caribbean region on our microsite. >>