Middle East

Middle East: A boy lights candles
A boy lights candles in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, inside the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

As the search for a lasting and just peace continues in parts of the Middle East, CWS is focused on assisting those most vulnerable. We have long-standing and fruitful partnerships with many community organizations in the region and are helping empower them to build better and brighter futures.

In Gaza and the West Bank, development means working with families that are facing increasingly deteriorating economic and social conditions. 

Access to Water

Water is a precious commodity in the Middle East, particularly in the West Bank. Communities are dealing with restricted access to water resources, including their own aquifers.  It's a day to day struggle of water management to perform basic household functions.

CWS and it partners work in the least water secure areas, finding community-level solutions to improve water access.

Advocacy and Nonviolence

CWS also partners with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel. Volunteers serve for three month periods in cities or villages in the West Bank, sharing in the day to day lives of Palestinian people and supporting Israelis in nonviolent actions for peace.

Volunteer accompaniers offer protection through a nonviolent presence, standing in solidarity with those facing oppression and calling for peace.

Water in the Middle East

CWS Middle East Regional Coordinator Steve Weaver describes what it's like to live in West Bank communities, where water is increasingly scarce. »