U.S. Emergency Response

Kentucky: 2012 tornado damage
Destruction from a March 2012 tornado in Inez, Ky. Photo: Sandy Gunnell

The backbone of our emergency response program in the U.S. is the material resource program. U.S. churches and community groups assemble CWS Hygiene Kits, Baby Care Kits and Emergency Cleanup Buckets. These resources provide help most immediately once disaster strikes.

It's clear that those with the least means have the hardest time recovering following a disaster.  CWS disaster response activities in the U.S. focus on these vulnerable individuals and families through a multi-faceted training and education program in disaster ministry and the long-term recovery process.

CWS also assists local groups engaged in developing projects to address the needs of the most vulnerable.  CWS Emergency Response Specialists deploy to provide training in best practices for long-term recovery groups and can often secure grants to support the work.  These recovery groups bring together community and government resources to ensure everyone has a chance to recover.

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