U.S.: John McCullough in New Orleans
Homeowner Gloria Mouton, who is returning to her newly rebuilt home, is congratulated by CWS President and CEO John McCullough, in a 2009 celebration of the Little Wood neighborhood rebuilding effort, spearheaded by CWS in New Orleans. Photo: Matt Hackworth/CWS
  • Rev. John L. McCullough, President and CEO
    • Ann Walle, Director of Innovation and Strategic Affairs
  • Maurice A. Bloem, Executive Vice-President
  • James Landis, Vice President of Program Operations
    • Donna Derr, Director of Development and Humanitarian Assistance
      • Barry Shade, Associate Director for Domestic Response
      • Diana Church, Deputy Director
    • Phebe Duff, Global Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development
    • Marvin Parvez, Asia/Pacific Regional Coordinator
    • Martin Coria, Latin America and Caribbean Regional Coordinator
    • Steve Weaver, Middle East Regional Coordinator
    • Erol Kekic, Director, Immigration and Refugee Program
      • Sarah Krause, Deputy Director
      • Andrew Fuys, Associate Director for International Programs
      • Sandra Vines, Associate Director, Resettlement & Integration
      • Jen Smyers, Associate Director for Immigration and Refugee Policy
      • Robin Dunn Marcos, Regional Representative, Africa
      • Beth Oppenheim, Associate Director for Resource Generation
    • Martin Shupack, Director of Advocacy
    • Rev. Amy Gopp, Director of Member Relations and Pastoral Care
  • Joanne Rendall, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Director for Operations
    • Rev. Joseph Roberson, Associate to the Deputy of Operations
  • William E. Wildey, Vice President for Development
    • Rev. Russell Pierce, Director of Donor Relations
    • Matt Hackworth, Director of Marketing and Communications
      • Angela Rupchock-Schafer, Assistant Director, Communications
      • Eric Baker, Assistant Director, Marketing